Gold plated sterling silver setting with your custom made breast milk stone as the center diamond 💎 the first picture is with Rose Gold Flakes added. If you like this option, please add the listing flakes add in to your cart. If not specified, you will receive a solid milk stone (just like the second picture)

Sizes & Colors Available 

RG - 10

WG - 4, 5, 6, 8

Discontinued & FREE setting! You are only paying for the breastmilk stone. This is part of our Inventory Clearance Sale. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good ❤️

LFJ is having a HUGE inventory blowout sale in order to make room for new inventory coming soon. 👣

****Everything from this sale is FREE & you are only paying for the breastmilk stone. I charge $50 for a breastmilk stone only. Since the setting is free of charge, there will be absolutely no refunds, no exchanges, no CZ stone replacement/ repairs, etc. 

By purchasing you are agreeing to these terms✨