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This is Heather’s Story ❤️

I just wanted to tell you my story behind this ring you are making for me and how special it is to me. I met my husband when i was 15 years old and knew id spend my life with him. We got married at 23 and tried to begin our family. Through many trials and tribulations we found out i had some factors causing infertility and we went through treatments for three years. Through IUI we conceived twins. However i lost one early on. Leaving me with my beautiful son Benson. He was due in December. But he decided to come 8 weeks early and was born in October two days before my birthday. He spent 29 days in the nicu and that was such a roller coaster. As moms do i focused on the one thing i could do for him and that was provide with my breastmilk. And with it he never lost weight but instead he only gained and kept us all amazed at his recovery the entire time he was there. My little chunk is very healthy and thriving and he may be my only baby in life because of the infertility. So this ring symbolizes that for me, our bond, and the one thing i was able to do for him when i felt the most helpless. Thank you so much for what you do.

….“And you make the most beautiful rings, when I was researching and came across your page there was no doubt in my mind, I knew my search had stopped…”

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