Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, Little Foots Jewelry specializes in turning your breastfeeding journey into jewelry you can cherish forever! We handcraft all the stones in shop and work with human & pet ashes, umbilical stump, encapsulated placenta, human and animal hair, holy water, formula, breastmilk, the possibilities are endless! We also make Resin Art, Cremation Jewelry, & Custom Keepsakes for all.

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I truly believe every mother’s journey is different. Every baby is different. I strive to make my jewelry pieces as unique as you are! After struggling and a learning curve with my first son, I wanted to use the last bit of breast milk I had to create something I could keep as a reminder of how strong I was in such a difficult time. As a new mom, I understand finances don’t always come easy. I wanted to design jewelry that is not only beautiful and unique, but showcase a price that is affordable. Everything is custom crafted and made with your very own breastmilk! What sets me apart from other companies, is I hand craft every single stone for my jewelry settings. No other Breastmilk Jewelry Artisan does that. Learning this craft takes time and dedication; truly making my job a "work of heart."


Check out my FAQ page in the scroll down menu to find after care instructions on how to make your jewelry look it’s best for years to come! I absolutely LOVE what I do and I hope my jewelry can also be a reminder to you that, Momma, you are a super hero 🦸‍♀️